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MJM Electric, Inc.




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Company History

While the name MJM Electric, Inc. is relatively new, our company is not. MJM and its staff have been together for over twenty years. We were originally Ken Robinson of Florida. We later became the Tampa Branch of White Electrical. Throughout the various ownerships, our management and key positions have been held by the same people. Our dedication to safety and quality has only gotten stronger with every change the Company has been through.


Mark Mazur is the owner of MJM. Mark was the General Manager of Ken Robinson of Florida and the Branch Manager of White Electrical. Mark, along with 90% of the existing staff has been working out of our present location for over twenty years. The relationships with all our customers and vendors have been developed and nurtured by the people that run the company today.


The key to our success through these many years has been the consistency of our people. Please take the time to look at the employee section of our web site. It will give you more insight into the continuity that exists and always has existed within our Company.

Time Line
 1982  1998  2007


Same building, same phone numbers, same people, same ethics, and same dedication to treating people with respect.


MJM Electric, Inc. 3225 East 4th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605 - Phone 813.248.1711 - Fax 813.247.5011 - License# EC0001791

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