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Company Projects

Duke Energy
Anclote plant is converting from oil to natural gas. We designed and installed the gas monitoring system.


Bartow plant needed more power for their new travelling screens, MJM was ready and did the job.


HART Metro Rapid
MJM Electric completed wiring (58) HART Metro Rapid bus shelters and one transit station through Tampa, Hillsborough County and Temple Terrace.


MJM Electric recently ran the electrical for the new dust collection system for Increte Concrete Product. We installed a new panel, conduit, wire and a new VFD panel. We made all the terminations from the VFD panel out to the motors and assisted in the startup of the new system.


Increte recently upgraded their warehouse lighting at their Odessa facility. MJM was able to do a lighting layout of the new facility according to a certain foot candle the customer specified. We installed new conduit and wire at this location for the lights. They upgraded the lights to a T5 six lamp fixture and had motion detectors installed on each light fixture. We also assisted the customer in filling out the paperwork for their local electric company to get a rebate for the installation.


Mosaic-Bartow Micro Nutrients Project
MJM Electric is currently wrapping up a new micro nutrient delivery system in the Bartow Mosaic facility. This involves relocating 69 KV substation tower from another Mosaic plant, installation of three 69 KV to 5 KV transformer, medium voltage bus duct. Installation of ground grid for the substation and new MCC, as well as underground duct banks. The new MCC includes the installation of new medium voltage switchgear, new 5 KV to 480 transformer, 480 MCC, PLC panel, and 480 ARC-vault protection equipment, lighting. From new MCC, MJM has installed new 36" cable tray to #3 DAP building for new motors and instrumentation, and new LED lighting.


Mosaic-Bartow Mosaic #3 Filter Secondary Vacuum Pump Project.
MJM Electric has just completed the installation of new 4160 Volt 250 HP motor, which included installation of new ground grid, installation of stainless steel cable tray, installation of new 5 KV starter, controls and instrumentation. Installed 3/C AIA 5 KV cable and terminate, and furnished and installed I/P controllers in stainless enclosures, and the installation of stainless tubing for new flow meters.


Hillsborough County Water Resource Services
MJM Electric, Inc. continues into second year of testing, preventative maintenance, emergency repairs and installation of high voltage (4,160 volt - 13,800 volt) systems at various water treatment plants throughout Hillsborough County.


We are in the process of converting all exterior lighting at Valrico WWTP over to LED. This includes roadway lighting, process lighting and general lighting.


Johnson Controls Battery Plant
MJM Electric, Inc. installed Capacitor Banks on five different Switch Gear Lineups to enhance power factor in the facility and a 3000 switch to isolate a 480 volt service from the Utility.


MJM Electric completed replacing eleven existing 15 amp rectifiers with ten 20 amp rectifiers. This consisted of installing new cable tray on each the charging lines and pulling in new tray cable. We installed a total of 20 new control boxes for each line. Johnson Controls only allowed us to shut down 2 lines at a time and were only allowed to be shut down for four days. MJM successfully had each line back up and running by the fourth day.


Tampa Electric Company
MJM Electric, Inc. is in the process of upgrading Utility Vaults in the downtown Tampa area. Upgrades include new electrical panels, energy efficient T8 lighting, receptacles and sump pumps.


Yuengling Brewery:

Convert six ammonia compressors from 480 volts to 4160 volts. To accomplish this we installed two 2000 KVA transformers and a 1200 motor control center along with completely new raceways and conductors. This is mostly a design build job.


Replaced an existing 480 volt transformer with a new 2000 KVA unit complete with a 2500 amp switchboard, transfer switch and docking station.


Provide power and controls to the new Brewhouse, Condenser/Evaporator Building, Boiler, and Keg Line.


Progress Energy Bartow
We have been the exclusive electrical contractor for the last three outages. We have assisted Siemens and the plant with instrumentation, maintenance, and power needs through the outages.


Temple Terrace
MJM Electric installed conduit and cable to 150 cameras throughout the complex for video surveillance.


Kinder Morgan
We are proud to have established a relationship with Kinder Morgan. We have begun to upgrade thier railway lighting and have started various maintenance tasks in their Tampa facility.


May 2013 we installed new rectifier, conduit and wiring for new Deep Well Cathodic Protection System to accommodate expansion at the Fuel Depot in the Port of Tampa.


Verizon Security System: Multiple Locations
MJM Electric, Inc. is currently part of a team installing a new security system in all of the Verizon sites from Polk County to Pinellas County. There are approximately 300 sites that will be part of this project. We are partnered with Roth Brothers and ADT on this endeavor.


Veolia Boiler Upgrade:
Refurbish boilers I & II at the St. Petersburg, Florida refuse to energy plant. This half million dollar job included power and controls and was completed under cost and on time under challenging conditions. Safety was of paramount importance as the plant was in use during most of the project. MJM furnished respirators to all employees for protection from airborne hazards and instituted blood testing to monitor the workers. This 5,572 man-hour job was completed without any recordable accidents.


Various Projects for Progress Energy at Crystal River, Florida currently in progress:
Relocate two water storage tanks.

Replace lights at Flyash IV & V towers.

Install cathodic protection.

Install new Ball Cleaning Unit IV system.

Install precipitator automation on units IV & V.

Upgrade ammonia extraction system at pilot flyash plant.


Current Work at Yuengling Brewery:
Install power and controls to the new Brewhouse which includes control wiring to valves and motor feeds.

Wired the new Yuengling Brewhouse, ammonia compressors, Keg Cooler, Evaporator Condenser, and Grain Unloading System.

Install power saving capacitors on 100 motors.

Fabricate control panel and install new CO2 system.

Install power monitoring systems on all substations.


MJM Electric, Inc. Solves Power Quality Issues at Major Bank Branch:
Due to concerns with damage to Chillers and VFD's, MJM Electric was asked to solve the issue. Through testing, large amounts of High Frequency Noise was found to be present throughout the system. With the installation of four High Frequency Noise Filters and the added bonus of TVSS, this equipment will be assured of the life span it was intended as well as reduce if not eliminate outages. Now that this issue has been resolved, we forsee installation statewide for their facilities.


Verizon New Port Richey: Service and Generator Upgrade
Replace an existing 2000 amp main distribution panel and install a new 500 KW generator. Additionally, scope items include: retrofitting the existing Vesda air sampling system and reworking the existing diesel fuel lines for the new generator.


MOSAIC: Preventive Maintenance Program for Draglines
MJM was hired to do continual preventive maintenance on MOSAIC’s draglines. We will be working on different draglines during weekly shutdowns to assure continued reliable service out of their equipment. The scope includes: Checking and cleaning brushes and connections. Taking meggar readings on all armature circuits. General cleaning and verifying of bearings, couplings, and base bolts. Documentation of all phases of the maintenance program is also a critical part of the scope.




TECO ECC Project:

The installation of a state of the art control center with technician stations and a video wall sixteen (16) feet high and thirty (30) feet wide. This control room will be used to monitor and control electrical distribution for the Tampa Bay area.


TECO Plaza

Renovated 9 floors of bathrooms with high efficiency lighting and controls.


Verizon Braden Run Project:
This project is both a building expansion and a backup generator installation. The building expansion portion requires a new service as well as a new ATS. The generator being installed on this project is a 125KW capable of supplying the building with emergency power for thirty six (36) hours in the case of an outage.


Hyatt Regency Elevator Upgrade:
Installation of new electrical system to feed state of the art elevator controllers. This includes rework of pit lighting and power as well as ATS alarm circuitry to warn system of transfer to generator power as well as return to commercial power.


Arcadis Ground Water Remediation:
Installation of electrical service to ground water remediation system. Installation of control panels, transformer and 200’ to 600’ feeds out to well heads. Rigid conduit at 14’ above head throughout tank farm. This project was manned and ready to run in a 3 week window to meet our client's needs.


Consolidated Container Company, Tampa

Replaced two existing TECO overhead services with one TECO pad mount transformer. Installed 2000 amp switchgear and rerouted all 480 volt loads to new switchgear. Down time for customer was kept to a Friday and Saturday.


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